TrevorH is the bomb

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TrevorH is the bomb

Post by Jankee_Munkey » 2022/03/16 03:36:52

Apologies, I know this is spam, but as an advocate and heavy user of the CentOS distro up to 7, I have to say you are a rockstar on this forum and you answering all requests and providing the correct answer in most cases has been incredibly beneficial.

Thank you for what you do and the backbreaking support you give this community. You are part of the reason why open source works and make the world a better place.

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Re: TrevorH is the bomb

Post by TrevorH » 2022/03/16 12:16:48

And I am watching this post very carefully as I am pretty sure this is actually a real spammer who will come back and edit that post and fill it full of pink canned meat. Everything about it stinks from the email address in use to the ip address used to post it. I do not expect it to be here for very long...

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