RHEL 8 - developer subscription annual renewal experience (fyi)

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RHEL 8 - developer subscription annual renewal experience (fyi)

Post by lightman47 » 2022/03/03 17:16:58

It turned out to be a very clumsy process despite their 'instructions'. I finally got it done through trying things based on these instructions.
I logged into my account, went to my account settings and verified my email - which emails you a confirmation requiring your response. After confirming, I looked all over for how to agree to Terms & Conditions with no success, so I logged out. The following day I logged in again and the very first thing that happened was a pop-up box requiring me to accept the Terms & Conditions - which I did. I then logged-out again and waited ~20 minutes. When I logged in again my subscriptions were all restored for another year.

Missing from their 'instructions' is that first log-out after verifying the email address.

All in all, a small price to pay for having an updated Red Hat Enterprise release, access to tons of their documentation as well as beta RHEL 9, and 16 available installations! Even if they change their policy regarding subscriptions, all I lose are updates! I still have a great/stable O.S. while I look for another.

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