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9Stream Web WS w/ eGPU

Posted: 2022/01/12 04:30:33
by tommhnsn
The most notable change from my Fedora to Cent OS 9 Stream was that my login screen appears on my external display with Fedora as opposed to CentOS Stream 9 running on a System76 Galp4, Razer Core X with NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI on a LG display 165 hertz extended adaptive sync display.

Not having FFMPEG, I use Google Chrome for videos when I rather have Firefox. I think this is the responsibility of the web site to provide AV1, Opus, Youtube by Google requiring me to use Chrome feels like a scheme.

Visual Studio Code by Microsoft is the best development environment but I would want an IDE built with a modern user interface. The vscode is a fragmented typescript puzzle. Compared to the text editor "Code" from the Elementary OS team the source code for the user interface is easily interpreted.

I am in the midst of making my own PHP forum with the Fat Free framework. Basing the design off of Flarum I have 4 media styles, phone <768px, tablet 768px-991px, desktop 992px-1099px, desktop-hd 1100px. Setting the viewport to tablet on noscript is needed because the phone drawer does not work without ECMAScript.

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<head><meta name="viewport" content="width=768, initial-scale=1" />
document.querySelector("meta[name=viewport]").setAttribute("content", "width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0");
var link  = document.createElement('link');
link.rel = 'stylesheet'; link.type = 'text/css'; link.href = "phone/phone.css";
</script><style type="text/css">.noscript {min-width: 769px;}</style></head>
<body class="noscript">
There should be <ifscript> tag and the viewport is capable of adjusting media queries. Instead I have to import the phone CSS to prevent the phone media query on noscript and add a class to set the new minimum width. I plan on making my forum open source, and integrate a wiki. My plan is to make a language learning site where people can share lessons and embed interactivity. I made a proof of concept Japanese language learning website you can see at the text to speech use to only work on Linux with Google Chrome but now see a Japanese option on CentOS. I want to learn Japanese, Arabic, and Russian and support the ever interested language learning community.

Re: 9Stream Web WS w/ eGPU

Posted: 2022/01/12 21:43:56
by tommhnsn
After starting my computer from a shutdown and opening Firefox, the window is maximized but renders in a 640x480 with the rest of the window blacked out and my previous tabs open. I forgot to take a screenshot. When the bug occurred I had >7 tabs open

Re: 9Stream Web WS w/ eGPU

Posted: 2022/01/12 22:01:29
by TrevorH
As far as I know, no--one from the Stream team reads or even glances at the forums so reporting bugs in Stream 9 here will probably not help.

For information on filing bugs against CentOS Linux or CentOS Stream please see

Re: 9Stream Web WS w/ eGPU

Posted: 2022/01/12 22:42:39
by tommhnsn
mochiron, of course