power of ROOT (lesson learned)

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power of ROOT (lesson learned)

Post by lightman47 » 2020/06/13 19:44:04

root is 'just another user' who merely has more privileges. Root is NOT able to 'over-ride' other user permissions.

I have a scripts directory that used to be owned by root. Somehow, I changed the owner to MY ID. Suddenly, (root) script runs during boot-up were 'non-productive' (failed). When I again made root the owner, bootup scripts began working again.

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Re: power of ROOT (lesson learned)

Post by Woistmeinauto » 2020/08/04 10:13:31

Is it because of something you did different or is this general behaviour. On windows server i remember something similar with work folders, administrator had no access to work folders from what i recall.

Does the execute permission apply to all users?

Do your scripts require access to other files? If so where are they located?

One of my scripts required access to a file in the same folder, it was working fine from terminal but when i made a desktop file for it in /usr/share/applications it did not work.

So i specified full path for the file. Now it's working but from autostart it still does not work.

I have no clue why. Idk how KDE autostart works but somehow it has no access to the file. I know the script runs because when i put a notify it pops up after login.

When i get back home i'll try changing the owner. Last time i checked my user was the owner. I'll see if changing it to root will work.

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