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Posted: 2020/01/17 18:00:03
by daemoch
Can we make this page easier to find for idiots like myself that are considering netinstalls?

I'd suggest any netinstalls links go there first, and then continue on to the repo being requested (with a big red "You've been warned!" button). I'm NOT a web dev or site builder, so if this is a pain to do, feel free to tell me so.

At anyrate, thanks for a great product. Its a definite change from my Mint's to learning curves! ;)

Re: Netinstall

Posted: 2020/01/17 18:35:45
by TrevorH
That page can basically be summarized as: don't do netinstalls from mirrors that are not local to you as the network code in the installer is very fragile and blows up on a regular basis if there are network problems.

The netinstall.iso (now renamed back to boot.iso in CentOS 8) contains no packages, it only contains the installer and then needs a pointer to a network based full repo. If your network connection is even slightly flakey then it will probably blow up and you'll need to start again. If you want to do a network based install then also see the wiki article on how to create your own local mirror. Or just use the full DVD.

Re: Netinstall

Posted: 2020/01/17 21:45:06
by daemoch
That makes sense. I'd still put something like that more in a user's face, but that's just my two cents.

With the number of wipes and re-installs I do locally, I'll be taking your advice. Thank you.

For anyone looking at this thread, I believe this is the article referenced: