Search function crippled

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Search function crippled

Post by AveryFreeman » 2019/12/30 14:01:29


just joined the board in order to get some help with a specific issue

Can't even really search for help because every time I search for something I'm told I have to wait x seconds

Then the next time I try to search, if I haven't waited the initial period, it resets the clock

This really puts a damper on being able to find solutions. I know you guys are trying to avoid spam, but seriously?

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Re: Search function crippled

Post by TrevorH » 2019/12/30 14:29:20

It's intentionally disabled as it's a known denial of service vector in phpbb. Use that little provider of search functionality instead: and restrict your search with "" in addition to the other things you want to search for.
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