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wave module

Post by AKAULGUD » 2018/12/14 17:53:05

I am able to read .wav file in one environment. This .wav file is received as Base64 format & after decoding, it is written to a server location.

When I execute same code in another environment of CENTOS, it is not able to read .wav file after writing to server location. System thows error <Class, Runtime error>

I am using Python 3.6

Any idea, why this is happening.


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Re: wave module

Post by TrevorH » 2018/12/15 09:37:51

No because you haven't given enough detail to allow anyone to help you.

I'd start by running rpm -qa | sort on both machines, piping the output to a file then using diff to compare them to see what packages are missing from the non-working server. Once you have that list, lok at the packages and see which ones look most likely to be audio related and install those.
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