What virtualization software do you use?

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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by rklrkl » 2019/05/08 20:35:03

Chirpychirps77 wrote:
2018/01/13 17:05:44
...but if not paying (for Proxmox) cannot update to next major release, have to rebuild clean for that).
We run the free Proxmox at work and you can update the free version from one major release to another, but if you have a cluster, live migration doesn't always work between major releases (causing downtime during upgrades...grrr) and sometimes even between minor releases :-(

For example, while you can live migrate between 4.X and 5.X nodes in a cluster, you *can't* between 3.X and 4.X. I recently started warm upgrades from 4.X to 5.X and it's worked pretty well so far.

The only really bad experience I had with Proxmox was trying to use GlusterFS. The early Proxmox releases had horrendously buggy/old GlusterFS versions that just spectacularly collapsed regularly. When it opened 1 million files in 20 minutes - yes, running out of any spare file handles for the entire system - we abandoned it and just used iSCSI to SANs that were mirrored via drbd instead.

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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by chrismfz » 2019/08/26 06:40:54

Waiting to try cockpit on Centos 8.
RHEL has added vm management for cockpit:
https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/managing ... eb-console

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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by SIGBUS » 2019/08/26 12:07:43

I've found that KVM+virt-manager works quite well for me, but I usually use Xubuntu or Ubuntu Server on my VM hosts due to its built-in ZFS support. CentOS works quite well for guests, with the disk images on ZFS zvols.

My home Asterisk box also runs CentOS 7 on bare metal; telephony hardware doesn't work so well in a VM, even with PCI passthrough.

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