centos 7 addictive

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centos 7 addictive

Post by Psychotic_OZ » 2017/08/19 08:15:04

Hello well at first I moved from a normal shared minecraft host to a vps with centos 7. At first it was pissing me off but now Im finding it addictive and fun. Anyone else?

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Re: centos 7 addictive

Post by CarlRestor » 2017/11/18 18:58:20

hi!! indeed centos 7 is addictive.once you know the features and specs its fun to use it. :D
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Re: centos 7 18.10 addictive

Post by lsatenstein » 2019/04/14 15:01:02

I switched to Centos 7/18.10 after many years of using Fedora. My last Fedora version was 29.
I switched because the Gnome interface with Fedora 28 and later Fedora releases did not offer any migration path for gnome extensions.
With Fedora 27, all extensions and as well, Gnome itself, worked well. My desktop was highly useful and functional.

Not so with Fedora 28, and later versions. For example, Fedora 30's Gnome interface breaks almost all extensions that I use, and with their list of alternates, I found no replacements. However, I am delighted to be using Centos 7/18.10 because

Gnome is at the same level as was Gnome for Fedora 27,
Gnome and the extensions that I use with Gnome all work. :P
I have long term support. I am again productive, and I am delighted.

I now have a working environment that I enjoy coming to daily.

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Re: centos 7 addictive

Post by ozgurgunes » 2019/11/23 17:51:23

CentOS 7 is best

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Re: centos 7 18.10 addictive

Post by jlehtone » 2019/11/25 13:16:33

lsatenstein wrote:
2019/04/14 15:01:02
I have long term support.
Less is more.

Every new feature brings something new to learn, test, and deploy.
Some distros introduce features in "releases", some "rolling".
Fedora Life Cycle wrote:Release X is supported until one month after the release of Release X+2.
With several systems (always in use by somebody), juggling with radical feature changes every ~6 months was a no-no and every ~13 months (as Fedora requires) became unbearable after couple years.

5--9 years between upheavals strangely starts to look nice.

The desktop UI? I don't care.

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