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Improve Login

Post by rogersuzzy » 2017/06/30 19:36:10

Please, please, please, for the love of all that is holy, provide an option for those who have forgotten their user name or allow logins using the email.
I'm on dozens of forums and can't possibly remember all the usernames I'm forced to use. I have three other accounts with different email addresses, but I can use any of them because I can't remember my usernames.

Please change this!


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Re: Improve Login

Post by gerald_clark » 2017/06/30 21:18:40

Keep a notebook or spreadsheet with your logins and passwords.

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Re: Improve Login

Post by CarlRestor » 2017/11/28 19:45:03

either save your username & passwords in your browser of enter your usernames and passwords in google spreadsheets. i use google spreadsheets. goodluck!! ;)
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