Best place to learn python?

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Best place to learn python?

Post by CathyRoberson » 2016/11/23 11:13:43

I'm a writer cum C++ programmer. I've taken wide interest towards python. Well, I need to know where can I learn python from the scratch (All essential basics even if it takes a lot of time) online ??

I tried few of the websites like hacker rank and etc.., but they only provide creative problems. They doesn't teach the syntax (I can devise the algorithm but, I don't know the python syntax). So, Kindly help me to find!
Cathy Roberson

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Re: Best place to learn python?

Post by mghe » 2016/11/23 15:30:34

Maybe here: or

There are a lot a website with tone of python information.

M Murali1948
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Re: Best place to learn python?

Post by M Murali1948 » 2017/01/28 17:35:45

i always use youtube for any kind self learning tutorials and check for entire playlist on the topic. I had downloaded nice tutorial about python duration of each video 10 mins to 180 mins. From scratch to expert level. you can try here : ... l+playlist+

hope u will find it useful.

glad for the chance to share.

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