New syntax for Wake On LAN using ether-wake

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New syntax for Wake On LAN using ether-wake

Post by markind » 2016/09/01 00:03:30

Not sure where this would go - I think it might apply to all releases of CentOS.

I work in a lab where it is now necessary to use script control to remotely power up test stations (all CentOS boxes) using the BIOS supported Wake On LAN (wol) feature.

Thankfully, this is supported under the CentOS' ethtool package. I installed it with

yum -y install ethtool

But when I googled around for the syntax, all I found were wrong answers that gave syntax error.

The correct syntax, I have found with admin help, is now:

ether-wake -i eth0 11:22:33:44:55

Replace the eth0 with the actual connected interface of the target machine, and the 11:22:33:44:55 with the actual MAC hardware address of the target machine.

There are also a couple steps to be done on the target machine, none of that has changed.

Thanks for your time. I love CentOS.

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Re: New syntax for Wake On LAN using ether-wake

Post by gerald_clark » 2016/09/01 12:30:57

-i is to specify the ethernet interface on the machine running the command, not the target.
It is only needed if the machine sending the wakeup packet has more than one interface.

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