No Belgian French keyboard in CENTOS 7 ?

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No Belgian French keyboard in CENTOS 7 ?

Post by apy » 2015/12/06 17:58:09

French and Dutch are the two main languages spoken in Belgium (there is also a small german community).
French is (by far) the most spoken language in Brussels, the Belgian (and European) capital.
Official keyboard used by french and dutch speaking people is an AZERTY, nearly the same than the french keyboard used in France.
Most Linux operating systems know the "Belgian French" keyboard, but CentOS 7 knows only Dutch keyboard.
Belgian dutch and french layout are the same, but by courtesy for french speaking people, they should be able to select a BELGIAN FRENCH keyboard during installation process...

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Re: No Belgian French keyboard in CENTOS 7 ?

Post by vinci » 2016/04/23 08:58:45

This is outrageous. Imagine if you chose the French keyboard and it worked perfectly even for Dutch-speaking Belgians! What a nightmare!!

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