WHY, why the CentOS 7 netinstaller ?

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WHY, why the CentOS 7 netinstaller ?

Post by fbifido » 2015/10/26 22:06:35

Why doesn't the centos netinstaller have a list of repos/source/mirror for the installations ?

its very stupid to ask a user to go and google for the source, why not just the netinstaller install stuff from the CD, even if it just the core, and let the user install the other stuff from the bash prompt.

the centos7 netinstaller is over 360MB, and it can't install anything without the user typing in a source, to get a list of package.


centos have a lot of mirrors, just use a url that have a list of all these mirror, so that the users don't have to this.


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Re: WHY, why the CentOS 7 netinstaller ?

Post by gerald_clark » 2015/10/26 23:07:29

If it installed from CD it would not be a net install.
Net installer is intended for use with a local install mirror.
If you can't handle a net install, use the DVD install ISO.

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Re: WHY, why the CentOS 7 netinstaller ?

Post by scottro » 2015/10/27 01:02:22

It does seem poorly thought out. Perhaps they expect everyone to use a kickstart file, which is another option.

Keep in mind that these decisions are made by RedHat, not CentOS, which just offers binary compatibility with RedHat.

Anyway, as Gerald said, there are alternatives. The minimal iso might be a possible fit.
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