How I landed and settled on CentOS?

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How I landed and settled on CentOS?

Post by Jay195 » 2015/09/30 23:03:31

I am absolute new to CentOS (a week now) yet a fully devoted Linux Enthusiast. So far I was dealing with Debian and Ubuntu ONLY. I don't like comparison between any linux flavor and/or distro. Two week back I started looking around Fedora, RH. Then I thought of giving a shot to the (somewhat) mixed blend of both of them - CentOS.

What a phenomenal maturity this CentOS has...!! Wow...!!
This was my first expression to myself. I was so mesmerized and delighted to see the tightness of this splendid Community driven open source OS.
Well I will soon the party with you guyz....! Its just a start. I will start getting my hands dirty in this.. I love doing it...!!
In a week I am feeling comfortable with RPM, YUM, Security, Firewalls, SSH, Servers etc.... :)
Also I managed to tweak (this is my favorite pass-time) my desktop a little bit... struggling to get my Homerun Kicker a little...
Well I am getting there... no worries.. I have posted it on one of the forum here...

For now.....Bravo CentOS team...!! :) You guyz are awesome..!!!
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