Kernel Panic

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Kernel Panic

Post by tward » 2014/05/25 21:34:11

Issue when rebooting VMWare machine running Centros 6 machine hangs

does anybody have any proposals to overcome this issue
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Re: Kernel Panic

Post by gerald_clark » 2019/07/12 07:37:02

That error usually means that the initrd is missing or broken.
You can try rebuilding it, or boot an older kernel and un-install and re-install the failed kernel.

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Re: Kernel Panic

Post by TrevorH » 2019/07/12 11:26:01

Also, that kernel is from 6.4 which is from early 2013 and highly insecure and riddled with bugs. Run `yum update` ASAP to get up to date.
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