Log into Centos GUI (gnome) as root

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Log into Centos GUI (gnome) as root

Post by adamjedgar » 2014/02/11 10:48:50

I have spent a lot of time trying to find out how to access my gui interface as root.

In ubuntu it is really easy, one just installs nautilus, enter the terminal, type gksudo nautilus and voila you have root access in the gui interface.

I have spent flaming hours trying to find out how to do something like that in Centos 6.

I wish someone would place the some instructions for the "Graphical helpers>gnome" heading in http://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/Be ... 8access%29

Here's how to do it....

1.on login screen choose "other" instead of the username that comes up by default
Now the next part is tricky...you must read the text on the lhs of next box that comes up to make sure you get it right...

2. enter "root" as the username that comes up in the first box to display
3. enter "<your root password>" in the password box that comes up next (my root password was the original password i typed in when installing centos.

ignore the nasty message that pops up...

you now have root access.

hope this saves someone else hours worth of flaming stuffing around trying to find a simple solution to a mongrel of a problem!!!

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Re: Log into Centos GUI (gnome) as root

Post by vinci » 2016/04/23 08:48:51

I know this is a 2-year-old thread, but I'll offer a reply anyway.

This might come as a blow to you, but there's a sound reason why this restriction is in place. You shouldn't log in with the root in GUI, unless perhaps you're doing it for testing purposes. Otherwise, it makes no sense whatsoever.

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Re: Log into Centos GUI (gnome) as root

Post by kai » 2016/08/24 07:46:25

Hi vinci,

found this, cause I have the very same need as adamjedgar.

I'll give a sound reason to be root in gnome (and any GUI system):

It does not work if you don't.

So for example unzip something....
Or creating a folder....
or...many other things
via gnome

Now I know you can do all this in any command line interface,
which I do then,
but what is the GUI for than?

Why offer one, if basic, really basic tasks cannot be done with it...
and the worst is it does not work by default...

(The very reason I work on Windows, not because I like MS in any way,
but because I don't have time to admin an OS half the day).

BTW I'm talking here about a single user desktop environment,
where basically all the multi user and root stuff gets in the way all the time.

And for your "answer" should be said, that it is no answer...

You should not do this and that is never an answer,
it just can be added to a real answer to warn the questioner about something.

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Re: Log into Centos GUI (gnome) as root

Post by TrevorH » 2016/08/24 10:40:29

You don't need to be root to do any of those things.
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Re: Log into Centos GUI (gnome) as root

Post by dragonbite » 2016/09/12 13:17:58

If you need to open Nautilus as Root then you can log into root in a terminal and then run nautilus. A window will open using the root's credentials.

Code: Select all

# enter root's password
# my coding may be rusty, I haven't used CentOS in a while.

Just about any application can be run like this, once you know the command.
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