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Proposal A new Centos wiki structure

Posted: 2020/11/29 19:54:12
by tinkerdaemon19

As many users say the Archlinux wiki is one the best documentation sites for GNU/Linux systems. Even users of other distributions read the wiki to get solutions for their problems.

One of the reasons why their wiki is so good is that they have a very structured section and subsection list in their table of contents.

I would like to replicate this for the Centos wiki and write the appropriate pages in the sections. So I would like to more or less copy and edit their wiki for Centos.

Am I allowed to create Categories and Pages in the Centos wiki and create them without them getting deleted? As I would work on the texts alone (in the beginning at least) the Categories and Pages would be near empty until I fill them with content. A mod deleting them while I work on this bigger task would slow me down (at least).


Re: Proposal A new Centos wiki structure

Posted: 2020/11/29 20:06:42
by TrevorH
I suggest starting a discussion on the centos-docs mailing list which is where things like this would be talked about.