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Hello everyone! I'm new CentOS user

Posted: 2020/11/15 00:22:30
by koutersen
Hello everyone

I'm working in the infrastructure side as Data center monkey (more about cabling and rack and stacking) and I'm looking to transition into a more system engineer role
I was looking more into debian before finding out that enterprises favors Centos
To learn Linux I'am looking into the RHCSA in the future, but before that I am making my way on a LFS install, I just started two weeks ago and working on it when I can. also I have a server I bought and I'm looking to install Cento8 on it, with KVM and a container/Kubernetes cluster within one the the VMs,
(was thinink about PROXMOX but it is debian anfd also I'm looking to make everything frounm ground up and lean the commands
I subscribed to Centos maimling list just to get an exposure to how it works and learn faster
Any advice for my case woulmd be appreciated!