Hello World!

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Hello World!

Post by remusrm » 2020/07/26 20:36:12

Recent CentOS 8 adopter here! I moved to Linux after windows telemetry and tired of privacy invasions in daily life. I lurked around Debian Ubuntu but things were never consistent and I got tired of tinkering rather than just go on with my life. Ubuntu's adoption of snaps and my experience of being dog slow led to dristro hop a few times and all the top ones have something the other does not and got tired of that too. I decided to try CentOS, and it just works on my laptop and seems less bloated and customized, unlike the others. I love that I can have the few apps I use in the flathub and they are faster and work! I am not a developer, linux aficionado or like the command line, but I like minimalism and consistency, and Centos fills that need!

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Re: Hello World!

Post by jmacdougca » 2020/09/24 20:18:17

I resonate with your message. Welcome to truth. I think of Linux as a skill I will improve for the rest of my life if I want. I sure want to. The more tasks you complete the more exp you gain like in an mmorpg. Apply a profit first mindset with that effort and yay! fun!
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