Looking for Asix 88179 kmod for Centos5

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Looking for Asix 88179 kmod for Centos5

Post by janderscu » 2020/05/19 04:31:26

I am trying to get my USB 3.0 - Lan interface installed and need the kmod-AX88179..rpm. I am running Centos 5.7 Ive searched many elrepo mirror sites and cannot find this. Does anyone have references for sites that may have a larger selection of Centos 5 RPM's?


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Re: Looking for Asix 88179 kmod for Centos5

Post by TrevorH » 2020/05/19 08:38:48

You shouldn't be using CentOS 5 at all. It's been out of support for more than 3 years and has numerous unfixed high severity security vulnerabilities present. Pick a different operating system version. CentOS 6 is still getting security updates... just - but follows CentOS 5 into the unsupported category in about 6 months. CentOS 7 has another 4 years left and CentOS 8 about 9.

Get yourself off CentOS 5 ASAP, preferably yesterday, It's a hack waiting to happen.
CentOS 6 died in November 2020 - migrate to a new version!
Info for USB installs on http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/InstallFromUSBkey
CentOS 5 is dead, do not use it.
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