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How do I secure my wifi?

Posted: 2020/03/06 13:35:45
by sheera_pehlwan
This is my first post here. Recently, My friends and I went through this horrible time period where a guy from our workplace hack our wifi and ultimately hack into our conversations and credentials. After this dilemma, I am very much curious about my wifi security. The problem is that with my increased daily workload I can't research the solutions. All I want is a basic checklist to check every time and it would be more good If I can have a solution as a product. Which can secure my connection once and for all whether I am at home or not? Do you guys have any idea about this?

Re: How do I secure my wifi?

Posted: 2020/03/11 17:41:21
by sheera_pehlwan
Well, I have been suggested to use my own created vpn. The issue is that I don't have time to run this service. That's why I asked for a suggestion from you guys and wanted a solution which I don't have to maintain and which can work on my phone, router, etc whether I am in a cafe shop(which I am a frequent visitor) or at home. From review sites, I came to the few services which are in my budget. It would be so kind of you guys if you can recommend any service considering my situation about your experiences etc.

Thanks in advance :)