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Post by superfrog73 » 2020/01/12 20:53:25

Hey all, been lurking for years (and probably asked a couple of dumb questions along the way) but now that I'm installed CentOS 7 at home (along side Windows), I figured it was a good time to introduce myself and thank the forum for all of the assistance so far.

Retired military, I came into the industry WAY too late, starting as a technical writer for a company that creates "customized Enterprise Solutions". Later got my degree in Computer Science (specializing on Cisco) and now, I'm a Software/Hardware Senior Tester/Integrator for the same company, spend quite a bit of time on the road doing field support and installations. With that said, when it comes to Linux, I'm still all thumbs and inexperienced. Thankfully, I have to interact with RHEL 5-7 on a daily bases (RHEL 5 is being phased out BTW) and get to learn new stuff every day.

That's one of the reasons I've opted to install CentOS at home, that and I really like learning. The only way I can learn is putting fingers to keyboard and working out the issues along the way. Very important lessons like "Can't get updates if you blow your yum repository away!" (Don't ask, don't know how I did that but pulled what little hair I have left figuring that one out). Still got a few issues, thing some are due to my system being so new (X570 chip with Ryzen 3900), but I'll figure those out along the way.

But I can say this, going on my 50's and really not having any exposure outside of manipulating octal registers on MILSPEC computers and Windows machines until a few years ago, I am really enjoying the challenge.

Thanks for all of the advice in the forums!

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