My storry with C8 desktop

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My storry with C8 desktop

Post by Vladi » 2020/01/05 21:00:00

Hello and respect for the whole centos and colorful hat community! :mrgreen:

I use fedora core linux, since fc5 release. It is 15 years now! :o And also: centos releases as desktop. I'm not a professional, just a hobbyist geek. But also not a noob.
My goals: use a red hat like distro, for a looong time. I like fedora, really do. But I have work, I have family, so have no time for geek plays. Just work. Just be quiet and do whatever I need.

Centos as a long term desktop? Why not!? Actually it is always a fedora something, with 10 years life. Perfect. :mrgreen:
C5: it was simple, a bit nostalgic, but steelhard. Outdated now.
C6: also great. I used it in my thinkpad laptop for years, laptop died, skip.
C7: Some work in 2014. great. Everything work, I need is. Cool. ;)

Well... i need some... engineer stuff. not much, just a few but important work. kicad 5. Annd: freecad 18. no way to install in centos 7! Maybe older versions, but not perfect. Solution: go back to fedora for a while. It is ok, but install every year once? :?

Finally centos 8 is here! :mrgreen:

Now I'm here. Just install some stuff and ready to go. 2 month now, a lot of stuff is missing. :| Seriously guys??? A bunch of lib is missing. These were ok in C7. :evil:

Less than a dozen app needs for me, and i'm happy for the next 6-8 years.

Let's see:

- Need some torrent. rtorrent. Nothing else. Ok. compile some qbittorrent.

Code: Select all

configure: error: Package requirements (libtorrent-rasterbar >= 1.0.6) were not met:

Package 'libtorrent-rasterbar', required by 'virtual:world', not found

Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
installed software in a non-standard prefix.

Alternatively, you may set the environment variables libtorrent_CFLAGS
and libtorrent_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
See the pkg-config man page for more details.
libtorrent is compiled right, pkgconfig is everywhere, where it is supposed to be. Never mind, just install some fc29 rpms. Run now, later will investigate. Next please

- video: at least smaplyer in rpmfusion. ok.

- music: wow. no torrent but deadbeef. Ok now.

- i almost forget: desktop! I use gnome 2 since i know what linux is. since gnome 3 i use mate. Yeah. A can watch the same style for my entire life. :lol: desktop is not matter. just be simple, be the same, get out of my way, do the work. I'm not a fancy tech lover guy, i have only stupid phone. Srong, but stupid. I dont need new desktop, fancy features. I need working computer, stable and reliable. So. Where is mate? No mate. no. Ok..... NOooo not ok. :o
I found some copr, It do the trick for now. :roll:

- file manager: gnome-commander. No way to install libgnome2. no building from source without this. Ok, i can live with double commander. Not the best, but ok. Next please.

- arduino ide: well, it is kind of a prebuild package, just download, extract, some install to have icons and go. Great.

- engineering stuff: kicad and freecad. what the f...... force? :lol: Boys. it is the hardest. What you think? Do i have any chance at all?? :ugeek:
I need kicad 5 and freecad 18. not need any update. just work! I need more time on this.
I know expertly what you think:
"Vladi, you absolutely dumb easterneuropean mfcker. why not install with appimage or snapcraft, or windows 10, like every normal people on earth? "
I say to this: "are you mental?" "I installed Linux before pulseaudio, grub2, systemd. just KISS. I know, i'am anciant, but this is the deal. I use Linux kind stuff purpose"

So what now? Just shut up and work on my desktop. When i ready, a have a few years to find out where to go: debian? freebsd? mac? (dont be ridiculous...)
Just check later, if a few appz ready for cent repos? nux-desktop forex. :roll:

Any help welcome, if no: FIRE HERE. :lol:

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Re: My storry with C8 desktop

Post by pwd » 2020/01/05 23:26:28

in my opinion better distro for desktop is fedora, centos is more for servers.
If you have experience with rpm, chkconfig (few years ago) this was natural way. On servers i install centos, but on desktop I'm using ferdora. For last 3-4 years one installation with regular upgrades, and it's working good. I don't like gnome so much, so i'm using fedora-xfce spin with rpmfusion repo and it's work like charm for a simple dekstop needs.
Centos8 maybe needs some more time to get more packages, not only official repos but epel too. Right now i'm trying to install simple mail server on centos8 and few packages that i need are missing, for me that was little strange, that on server distro some packages are missing.
In my opinion centos is for servers and fedora for desktops
"God, root, what is difference?"

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Re: My storry with C8 desktop

Post by KernelOops » 2020/01/06 17:23:34

I agree with pwd above, I think Fedora is more suitable for a desktop system.

My suggestion is to use Fedora and once or twice a year to use the upgrade system that migrates it to the next version, so no need to re-install everything.

Personally, I prefer to force myself re-install, for various reasons (security, clean old files, replace harddrives, etc), but thats a bit over the edge for most people.

Also, the default gnome3 UI is rather terrible, my suggestion is to try the Fedora Cinnamon spin, cinnamon is a great wm, modern, simple and user friendly.
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