Bye bye Windows 7, hello CentOS!

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Bye bye Windows 7, hello CentOS!

Post by APSchmidt » 2020/01/05 10:25:37


I'm new to CentOS; for now I'm still using Windows 7 but, as you may know, it will be discontinued by Microsoft in a few days. As a replacement, I've decided to try CentOS and I'm about to install CentOS 7. (I chose CentOS 7 because I'm an amateur developer and I use Unity to develop a game; for now Unity's versions are maintained only for CentOS 7.)

I have downloaded the image but before proceeding I'd like to know if I must anticipate problems. Is my computer compatible for example? What do you need to know to answer that question?

I'd also like to have advice from Unity users as well. ;)

Thank you for reading this!

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