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Management service

Posted: 2019/11/07 11:16:16
by joearnold
I'm a Windows Sysadmin so you won't find me often on this forum! We have a few CentOS 7 servers - can you recommend a company that can manage/patch them for us? We just don't have the skills in-house.



Re: Management service

Posted: 2019/11/07 14:34:13
by TrevorH
We don't recommend anyone here and I'd urge you not to solicit random help from strangers on the internet. If you need some professional help then I'd investigate employing a local contractor in your area. Someone that you know where s/he lives! Check their credentials carefully and look to see if they have experience in exactly the area that you need help ... not saying that there are a lot of rogues out there but... there are :-)

Re: Management service

Posted: 2019/11/07 15:00:40
by joearnold
Thanks Trevor. I'm London based so there are 100+ MSPs that could help - just thought there's probably some experts on here that specialise in it.