Home server - Which version should I choose?

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Home server - Which version should I choose?

Post by oSAlj » 2019/11/02 13:00:53

Hi to all!
I have an HP Microserver N36L G7 server with 16GB ECC RAM and 500GB and 1TB hard drives.
I want to make it a home server to use Nextcloud, miniDLNA, irssi, SAMBA, print and scan server on it.

I am thinking about the system version. Choose version 7 or is it better to install version 8?

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Re: Home server - Which version should I choose?

Post by TrevorH » 2019/11/02 13:33:15

CentOS 8 is quite new and third party support for it is still gearing up. If you aim to use third party packages - which would probably be needed for nextclou and dlna - then you might either want to wait or use 7. You could always try 8 and see what is missing...
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