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Re: Poll:Linux Certifications

Posted: 2019/10/29 14:02:17
by jlehtone
Your every option seems to be a variant of "I don't like".

That is a one-sided query. Do you assume that everyone (of 7 billion humans on earth) who does not vote, disagrees with all those options?

Re: Poll:Linux Certifications

Posted: 2019/10/29 14:06:33
by TrevorH
And judging by the number of votes (0 so far), everyone else agress with me that the choices are uninspiring and not worth the effort of choosing.

Re: Poll:Linux Certifications

Posted: 2019/10/29 15:07:29
by jpawlik
On the topic, I am interested to see thoughts on which line of testing people like/trust/enjoy taking.

I just got through with one series that I did not enjoy taking the test, primarily because it felt like the test was not indicative of actual System Administrator job functions.

I've been told that people enjoyed going through the RHEL exams because it was CLI based and you had to perform tasks, instead of memorize formats of files or locations of this or that.

If one were to move forward to expert and professional level certs, would you recommend LPI, Linux Foundations, specific distribution tests, other?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



Re: Poll:Linux Certifications

Posted: 2019/10/30 12:11:54
by jlehtone
Options for ... I have no idea what those "RHCE", "LFCE", etc are. Never seen them.

Are they like a "driving license"? Lacking one does not prove that one cannot drive. Having one does not guarantee that you drive skillfully and safely.