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Posted: 2019/08/26 13:10:11
by jesica
Good day all

i would like to get some advice form everyone out there please

I did search the net and did some research

what is your take on the following career path

I was thinking to do


will the follwoing course be of any help if I have done the Red Hat path

- Ethical Hacking, Security analyst, Forensics,

I also dont know if I must do a network course with it or does Red Hat cover that

Andy advice will be appreciated


Re: training

Posted: 2019/08/30 18:29:27
by aks
You probably best of doing RH specific courses if you wish to achieve the RH certifications. While the other mentioned courses (all in the security bracket) may help with understanding some of the internals of Linux in general, they will skip most of the RH specific things.
IMO, if you've been doing RH for 5 years (say) you could probably just pass the SA exam without to much trouble. The "big biter" in RHCE used to be the "oo we broke this thing, fix it". It's not really that hard but you do need to have experience. I don't know if RHCE still has the fix this broken thing part as I haven't bothered renewing (I don't believe employers truly value the certification things any more - it's just a way of getting you noticed really).

Re: training

Posted: 2020/02/17 11:05:19
by jesica
Thanks for the advice