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The CentOS Newsletter

Post by NedSlider » 2009/06/03 13:15:27

Hi Folks,

I'd just like to take the opportunity to make everyone aware of the new fortnightly CentOS Newsletter:

and to quote Dag from the foreword:

[quote]Welcome to the first CentOS newsletter [b]ever[/b].

I am really excited to be able to welcome you to this first issue of the CentOS newsletter. Not only because this is something I wanted to do for a very long time, but mostly because to me the Newsletter is a turning point in how the CentOS community can be a driving force in the progress of CentOS.

So what do I mean with this ?

The difference between the existing communication channels and a newsletter is that the newsletter gives the opportunity to all users to see what is happening without having to follow all the discussions in all the different channels (IRC, mailinglists, forums, blogs, wiki). Nobody is expected to know everything that is going on and this newsletter aims to be a hub to bring all the disconnected channels together.

But that of course cannot be done by one single person alone. So the newsletter is also an effort by different representatives of these different channels. And by putting the focus in this newsletter on important events and interesting content I hope we can make the whole community more aware of what is happening and hopefully more involved in our community.

So when you are reading the contributions of others in this newsletter there is one favor I would like to ask from you. Think about how you could contribute to one of the future issues of this newsletter. If you are willing to spend even one minute wondering what your contribution can be for this newsletter or for the CentOS community in general, then you can consider yourself a member of this community even if you did not contribute to it yet.

On Behalf of the CentOS family,

DagWieers -- Editor ad interim

So as Dag says, the CentOS Newsletter is looking for contributors.

I'm not sure how best that may work in practice, whether interested contributors should contact Dag directly, or whether folks could post interesting pieces and/or feedback to this thread as a drop point for the forums from where Dag can collect and collate information.

Anyway, it's [b]our[/b] newsletter, so lets all try our best to make it a success and make sure it reflects the strentgh and diversity of our community :-)

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Re: The CentOS Newsletter

Post by AlanBartlett » 2009/06/03 13:33:51

I believe [b]Dag[/b] would like to hear from potential contributors, directly, [i]via[/i] .

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