Joys of standard

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Joys of standard

Post by jaytolkte » 2018/10/12 15:49:37

You know the mantra:
No compiler is standard compliant but some compilers are more standard compliant than others.
And you evolve faith on proprietary compilers being "less" than the faithful GCC.

Then you write code, without checking the actual standard, and everything just "works"
on CentOS, as it "should". But the evil reality demands a port to a proprietary OS.
Worse than that, a use of proprietary (but no-cost, stripped version) compiler suite.

Your faith is strengthened by the observation of plenty of trouble and woes. Until you find the culprit.

Two declarations:

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template <class T>
valarray<T>::operator[] ( site_t ) const;

template <class T>
const T &
valarray<T>::operator[] ( site_t ) const;
One is described in all documentation about the standard that one can easily stumble on,
and the other -- unfortunately -- can be found from GCC.

"Just an another bug-hunt."

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Re: Joys of standard

Post by jmacdougca » 2018/11/25 23:00:52

How many hours did you invest into this issue?

What are you saying in granular terms? I liked "evil reality" Are you saying "evil reality" is a constant battle to keep out of open source communities?
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