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CentOS labs

Posted: 2018/02/03 12:01:42
by kjkj3456
Hello everyone.
I want You to ask about CentOS excersises.
Do You have any website or any zip file with excersises which will help me be better in this OS?
I mean, that I want to learn something more, than installing Tomcat, httpd, firewalld, or maybe creating LVM.
I bought a course which prepared me to the RHCSA exam, but it's to easy, so i want to learn harder things.

Any help from You will be appreciated.

Thank You All!

Re: CentOS labs

Posted: 2018/02/06 07:25:58
by pwd
Maybe in this link You will find something interesting ... t=itzgur6k

Re: CentOS labs

Posted: 2018/02/17 19:53:08
by kjkj3456
Thank You so much!
Have a nice evening, and whole life my master :D