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Howdy from Down Under!

Posted: 2017/11/17 23:43:21
by theitguy
Howdy folks!

I am a master Jedi in Unix, mainly Solaris - you name it: Crash dumps, Solaris Cluster, SVM, and morphing into a Linux/Centos guy in the last couple of years.

Have had fun with Python and I find Ruby amazing.
In the feud between Ansible and Puppet I am still undecided. I think it all depends on circumstance.

New to this forum though. So I will be quiet like a good student for while to learn from y'all for while.


Re: Howdy from Down Under!

Posted: 2017/11/22 17:33:28
by CarlRestor
hi, your thread is quite interesting to read :P its good to have you on this forum. :D