Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!

Post by stype09 » 2017/05/27 06:00:22

Hi Everyone,

I'm new and thought I would drop in to say hi to all.
I'm still learning linux and turning my desktop away from my usual windows familiarity. :D

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Re: Hello everyone!

Post by jax85 » 2017/07/08 14:54:54

Hello and welcome! :)

I'm fairly new to Linux as well. I've tried Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Debian, Fedora, MX Linux, Lubuntu to name a few and I feel I"ve found a home with CentOS. It has the stability and security focus that I've been looking for and I find the KDE DE a good environment for me.

I got rid of MS on my laptop months ago and haven't looked back. This is a great distro to stick with.

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Re: Hello everyone!

Post by CarlRestor » 2017/11/02 16:03:05

hello there brother. welcome to the forum. i am also new here :P
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