Hello CentOS community!

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Hello CentOS community!

Post by ivanovnegro » 2016/12/20 21:07:37


nice to meet you.

I am a project manager on our university of applied sciences and guess what, we use CentOS in our laboratories. Though it all was running on 5. I upgraded the machines to 7.3.

Some background of mine. I never used CentOS on any of my workstations. I was more of a Debian guy for years and years and still am. I knew about CentOS because that is what we work with at the university. But as of now that I am in charge of getting everything upgraded and also making some new installs in the labs I decided it was about time to install CentOS on my work laptop and I did.

I am very pleased with it, even as a desktop workstation, because that is what I use it for. Now I can give even better support because CentOS runs at home, too.

Regarding free software and Linux, I am involved in one project that makes a super minimal Debian derivative and have Debian running on various Thinkpads. Now I also plan to install CentOS on the one desktop we have that needs to be bullet proof. It is the workstation of my fiancé who works as a teacher.

Greetings from Germany.

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