Where to post beginners questions

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Where to post beginners questions

Post by marsk » 2016/12/05 15:10:10

I’m a beginner regarding Linux but I’m working as a Windows server administrator and has done so for nearly twenty years. I have a lot of questions regarding Best Practice for service accounts, running under least privileges and file locations for different types of files.
From time to time I also need to ask about if I have the correct command for a specific purpose.
Can you please help which forum is the best for question lite this from a beginner?
Beginner with Linux
System: CentOS 7 as a VM in Hyper-v.
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Re: Where to post beginners questions

Post by giulix63 » 2016/12/05 15:29:01

I'd say Software Support. Beginner or expert makes no difference. For commands, I'd still say Software Support unless the question concerns the OS (General Support) or the network (Networking Support). I am quite sure ad Admin will correct me if I'm wrong :) And in any case don't worry: They're not so strict...
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