Hello...again :)

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Hello...again :)

Post by DarkMaster » 2016/11/07 11:48:59

Hello all Linuxers!

I am back in the game after many years of "abstinence"; I never really quited using Linux - not in private and not at work though now I am back. I have been Linux user since my high school times - I started with Slackware and Debian, later on Red Hat and SUSE. I have also been using Solaris and Unixware -- all at home for personal use :)
So now I am getting ready to install one server core for an old HP server that is still running after a decade - I think that it will be perfect for this...
Well just to say long hello, I hope that I will not be asking much of dumb questions and hope for help to other users - if not with tech but rather with philosophical ones since I have been around for some time (sigh, there even wasn't Centos back then ;) )

So best of regards to all and TTYL!

I am the Alpha nad the Omega. --

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