How to find duplicate records?

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How to find duplicate records?

Post by Kinjal » 2016/06/01 12:46:45

Database Table that contains two different records for every user id, but value in the column "Dept" has dissimilar values for every record. I want to yield all records which comprises duplicate UserName

userid UserName Dept
111 JDe Accounts
111 JDe Travel
222 ML Bussiness
222 ML Vacation
333 BPD Travel
444 MGb Business

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Re: How to find duplicate records?

Post by gerald_clark » 2016/06/01 13:17:33

This is not CentOS problem, and definitely not a network issue.
You should ask in a forum for whatever database you are using.

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Re: How to find duplicate records?

Post by TrevorH » 2016/06/01 15:20:27

What database are you using?
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Re: How to find duplicate records?

Post by aks » 2016/06/01 15:53:06


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Re: How to find duplicate records?

Post by tamarin_t » 2016/06/07 14:03:03

Traditional unix text processing utils `cut` to select individual fields and `uniq` to filter duplicate records would do this.

I would use a relational database for anything other than a one off task requiring minimal processing - `sqlite` is installed on most systems.

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