Centos server all services guide for system admin

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Centos server all services guide for system admin

Post by luispalacio » 2016/05/07 14:12:48

Hi, my name is Luis and i am system a new admin of Centos server, but my organization needs a handbook with the list of all services i can install in a Centos server and her relative with all the Windows Server 2012 services. Where would start to find information about all the services i can found or install/up in Centos server? In ubuntu is relative easy, but in Centos/RHEL is a bit complicated.

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Re: Centos server all services guide for system admin

Post by scottro » 2016/05/07 16:09:28

The official documentation can be pretty bad. That being said, it can be useful, it's just badly written and poorly organized.
https://access.redhat.com/documentation ... ors_Guide/ has some good stuff in part one.

For joining with Active Directory, this (untried by me), may be useful. http://www.server-world.info/en/note?os ... 7&p=realmd

As for a list of all available services, I don't know that there is one. You're probably better off figuring out which services you want--almost any standard server service is available.

The Michael Jang guides tend to be very good, even if they're aimed at passing exams, and Mr. Jang can often be found online--I'm not sure if he's here, but I know he's on linuxforums. The guide for CentOS-7, judging from reviews, may be missing a few things, but there will probably be errata available when needed.

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Re: Centos server all services guide for system admin

Post by Chinanohobbit » 2016/06/22 15:49:29

Hi guys,
About one week ago, I started to work in a new Company. I'm a IT systemist, but I don't know Linux.
Can you suggest me a free guide from beginner to system admin?
I tried to search in internet, but the manuals were absolutely horribles.
I'm interested in CentOS, Suse, (Ubuntu just a little bit because only one system mount Ubuntu version).
Please help me! Thanks!

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