Good Morning

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Re: Good Morning

Post by NedSlider » 2009/03/04 01:09:29

davidjmemmett wrote:
Thanks all, and no I'm not a Simpson, I commonly greet people with "Good Mooning" as opposed to "Good Morning", some sort of childish humour i guess - helps keep up spirits! :lol:

In that case I sincerely apologise for the edit - my mistake for thinking it was a typo :-)

Hope you get the install finished by mooning :-D

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Re: Good Morning

Post by AlanBartlett » 2009/03/04 17:47:10

[quote]Hmmm...? Why is someone calling my name out loud?

-- sleepy cat[/quote]
I blame [b]Ned[/b] -- [i]entirely[/i]! :-P

Please shut your eyes again, [i]good cat[/i], and dream of some fresh sushi, along with a drop of sake, that you may be allowed to have just after noon (your local time). :-)

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