Newb: Install of CentOS on old iMac

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Newb: Install of CentOS on old iMac

Post by SamHane1031 » 2015/07/16 23:39:53

Very specific question, don't want to bug anyone, just trying to find the newb section. That being said...

Goal: install an appropriate version of CentOS on an iMac that I suspect has a broken bootsec, shuts down during boot, but will hold at a comline boot. Trying to make a usb boot for CentOS install.

Purchased: Lexar 16 gb jumpdrive as boot usb.

Target system: Apple iMac, suspected corrupted boot sector, Serial Number W85490QZVUV, Specs- 20"/2 16 ghz/16gb/256 gb/sd/ET/AP

I believe this to be an Intel iMac, the last known functioning operating system was OSX v 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and im willing to offer an exchange of services. i paint portraits for a living, maybe we can work something out.
thank you, (anyone) in advance.

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Re: Newb: Install of CentOS on old iMac

Post by xcailbar » 2015/07/19 22:47:11

Idk what is happening, but I just got Centos on my old windows laptop, it said there was an error in the bootloader when i first tried, and the problem was solved when i deleted windows in the installation screen, when you manually partition CentOS. So if the problem is with the bootloader after you begin installation, try deleting Mac and see if it works. Other than that, I can not provide any advice, though, have you followed a tutorial? just wondering.
Hope this helps! And if it doesn't, sorry.

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