can not connect with internet or localhost

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can not connect with internet or localhost

Post by margaret » 2015/06/05 07:52:23

hi, i'm new on CentOS and i have problem. For month i work on CentOS 4 (can't add new topic in CentOS 4 section) and few days ago we have network crash. Now i can't connect with internet or with localhost. when internet work, localhost is disable and vice versa. (when i change connection for automatic work only localhost, on manually work only internet). I think that is something with ignoring computers in network (before crush in settings i have some IP but now this area is empty and i don't remember it) And with internet i have a problem. when i start computer internet is disabled and to run i must do in command line:

sudo systemctl stop network
sudo systemctl start netowork

Who know where i can find logs or file with changes? Or how repair this?

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Re: can not connect with internet or localhost

Post by TrevorH » 2015/06/05 09:36:57

I have moved your post to the CentOS Social forum as it's about CentOS 4 and doesn't belong in the CentOS 5 forums.

CentOS 4 is long out of support and should not be deployed anywhere. It went "End of Life" at the end of February 2012 and the CentOS 4 forums were closed about a year later. Are you sure that you are running CentOS 4?? The commands you list only came in with CentOS 7 and do not exist in CentOS 4 - systemctl is a systemd command and the only version of CentOS to use systemd is CentOS 7.
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Re: can not connect with internet or localhost

Post by avij » 2015/06/05 10:02:39

The following commands may be useful in determining the version:
uname -a
rpm -qa '*release'
cat /etc/redhat-release
cat /etc/centos-release

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