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Hello there

Posted: 2015/01/26 13:37:00
by HugoRodrigues
Hey guys,
My name is Hugo Rodrigues, I'm from Portugal and I use Linux since 2009, but that was only in 2013 that I became full Linux.
By favorite distros's are Arch Linux and Linux Mint for home use and CentOS/RHEL for servers and enterprise of course xD.
I'm mainly a software developer but I also like system administration.
I hope that I can share my Linux skills with you guys and also learn from you.

See you later,
Hugo Rodrigues.

Re: Hello there

Posted: 2015/04/12 23:20:34
by asaoppenheimer
Im experienced Linux desktop user. Lately decided to get some knowledge’s in server OS. Want to learn Cent OS.

Re: Hello there

Posted: 2015/04/13 16:35:43
by aks
Welcome one and all!

Re: Hello there

Posted: 2015/05/01 02:10:14
by jahoo
Hello All,

New overall user to Linux - CentOS. Started using Linux while learning assembly language.