Server Configuration for 'MMO' using CentOS

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Server Configuration for 'MMO' using CentOS

Post by Twyla » 2014/06/26 00:19:21

Greetings, cheerio, salutations, aloha, and howdy!

I'm something of an odd bird - used to be a pretty serious programmer back in the days when Pascal and ForTran ruled (and it felt like we were carving our own CPUs from a block of silicon), but I fell out of the loop for a while and am working on getting my programming and development skills back up to par. Apparently subscribing to the Werner Von Braun School of Thought (the man aimed for the moon and hit London), I've somehow gotten it into my mind to try to develop an MMO of sorts. More of an 'academic experiment' at this point, but I'm trying to keep a weather eye towards it actually becoming something noteworthy.

Being very much old-school - used to do my 'homework' on UNIX/VAX mainframes - I'm pretty well sold on using one of the many Linux distros for the server's OS. The problem being the 'many' part of that statement. I kind of let myself 'go soft' once Windows took over everything, so I'm doing a whole lot of catch-up learning as I go. But something tells me that CentOS is likely the best choice of distro for what I'm trying to accomplish. I've always heard good things about Red Hat being about as bullet-proof as it gets and its offspring, CentOS, seems to have a sizable and friendly community behind it. (Just the sort of thing I'll need, considering how many blunders I'm liable to make in getting the hang of things.)

That latter has me wondering if anyone has ever tried to use CentOS in such a manner and, if so, if anyone might know of additional resources regarding such an application. Or possibly even just general advice on how to streamline/optimize CentOS for this sort of use.


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Re: Server Configuration for 'MMO' using CentOS

Post by tlf30 » 2014/08/23 21:55:42

Well, we currently have a small server array that we use for a in-house MMO. We wrote it using CUDA for all the server side physics sync so our server array has an array of Nvidia Teslas. I would assume that you are going to want
some sort of hardware for mass calculations. Also, you are probably going to want to use C or C++ as to use the hardware. But yes, CentOS has worked amazing for us in hosting/development of our MMO. Take note, if you are developing a MMO,
you are probably going to want to handle a large amount of network traffic, so do not skip out on your NICs. All or our servers have two gigabit links to our main router and have an Ethernet link for management. Most of the traffic that they have to handle is actually between themselves for sync.

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