My personal guide to creating passwords...

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My personal guide to creating passwords...

Post by Daemoen » 2007/02/21 13:56:00

Hey guys, I fnally took some time to write this up, as a few of my friends have asked me about it.. figured I would share it with everyone else while I was at it.

Any feedback is welcomed so long as it is presented in a decent manner.


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Re: My personal guide to creating passwords...

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/02/22 19:44:24

Nice bit of info. Thank you posting.
My feedback: There is NO way I am having a 34 position alpha-numeric-symbol password. Maybe 32 or 33, but not 34 :-D

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My personal guide to creating passwords...

Post by NedSlider » 2007/03/20 14:10:52

Very nice.

Of course any password that introduces complexity - mixing upper/lower case, adding numbers and symbols, greatly improves on the passwords many users typically choose.

As an additional note, folks shouldn't rely exclusively on l33t sp3@k substitutions as many brute forcing crackers will now do automatic l33t sp3@k substitutions for dictionary based attacks (for example, the will test red and r3d, or read and r3@d).

Interestingly, if you run windows (shudder) and want to see just how secure your passwords are, have a look at Ophcrack. Scary stuff!

This thing will find any 14 character alphanumeric password in a matter of minutes!

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