Red Hat vs Oracle

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Red Hat vs Oracle

Post by NedSlider » 2006/11/01 02:54:35

Anyone else following this?

Oracle rebuilding RHEL and undercutting Red Hat on support costs. Makes you wonder if Red Hat will continue to make their source so freely available in light of such competition.

Just wondering if this will have any long term implications for CentOS. I certainly hope not!

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Re: Red Hat vs Oracle

Post by rklrkl » 2006/11/14 13:14:39

I suspect this Oracle move was just retaliation for Red Hat recently buying JBoss (who compete with Oracle in some areas). It's a poor move from Oracle, who have never been particularly good at keeping their own DB product from being "unbreakable" (almost every ".0" version of their DB has been nastily broken in some way) - they should clean up their own house before trying to muscle into someone else's!

From a sysadmin point of view, Oracle's "Unbreakable Linux" offering sits very uneasily inbetween full support (with hardware and software certification from many ISVs) from Red Hat and the free community-based support from CentOS. If I wanted to save money and not buy full Red Hat support, why bother with some half-baked Frankenstein Linux from Oracle that has *no* certifications and may be less stable? You may as well install CentOS, which is going to be at *least* as good as Oracle's effort!

I think anyone who goes for Oracle's support just to save money needs their head examining when CentOS is available for free instead.

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Red Hat vs Oracle

Post by osde-info » 2006/11/15 09:32:36

There is a very bright future for CentOS since Oracle Unbreakable seems to be based on CentOS !

License information on distribution packages changed by Oracle.

The following files include ORACLE trademarks; therefore, in order to avoid infringement, you will need to modify those files to remove the relevant marks before distribution.

LISTS THE FILE : redhat-artwork-0.120.1-1.2E.centos4.src.rpm !

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