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A nifty tool/OS and more...

Posted: 2005/08/16 16:29:22
by cyrix
I was at this site and I downloaded their stable version of their 1.0 OS. It is a cool and it runs all on CD and in virtual memory. I am fsck with an old box here and putting this cd in it with a battery backup and no hard drive to see how long I can keep it running just on CD. I know it's a stupid thing to do but, we'll see how it goes.

This is also a wild tool if you want to go to someones house and use their machine in your own GNOME environment. This thing actually does updates on the fly and you can set up email, networking etc... It doesn't write to the hard drive whatsoever and is volatile so when you unplug the machine or turn it off everything is lost, but it's still wild. It's based off of Ubuntu Linux. I tried that OS and honestly it wasn't all that. I am liking this OS the best so far.