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.dn Thank you

Posted: 2005/01/24 04:00:29
by mattboston
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for extending the session timeout on the website :-D

Re: .dn Thank you

Posted: 2005/01/24 04:16:59
by hughesjr
thank you from me too :)

Re: .dn Thank you

Posted: 2005/01/24 15:41:11
by donavan
You're welcome. The squeekies get the grease.....

BTW: it won't be forever forever. I'm going to tune it now that I think I understand the correct places to change.

I'm thinking 36,000 seconds. You can login once at home and once from work per day?


Re: .dn Thank you

Posted: 2005/01/25 02:16:35
by mattboston
I can deal with 10 hours. 1/2 hour was just way too low, if I walked away from my computer for 1/2 hour, then I had to relogin.