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Posted: 2005/01/23 18:50:10
by donavan
for us US peeps, who's your american football stupid bowl pick?

Since I'm posting this before we even know the combatants -- I'll post my guess later... :)

Re: football

Posted: 2005/01/23 22:31:03
by mattboston
I don't care for football, but I'm a fan of any New England team, so Go Pats!!!!

Re: football

Posted: 2005/01/24 04:16:16
by hughesjr
I think the teams in the super bowl will be Philly and New England

OK, so the games are already over .... so no big surprise :)

I pick:

New England

Re: football

Posted: 2005/01/24 22:32:06
by donavan
I'll be cheering for philly, but figure it'll be Chowdaheads again...