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RANT rAnt RaNt rant

Posted: 2004/12/19 05:54:53
by donavan
Complain about something or such, I need something ponder...


Re: RANT rAnt RaNt rant

Posted: 2005/05/18 19:52:35
by cormander
Here is something to ponder

The company that I work for is doing a network migration, which means a lot of changes to DNS records for customer domains.

The last batch of domains was almost a major desaster, the DNS techs not only screwed up, but the TTLs for the domains were not set to 5 minutes ( when they were supposed to be ), so the mistake that happened was cached for 24 hours.

Anyway, when the records were changed, dual A records were created for each domain, potining them to the old, and the new IP addresses.

It was about 3 hours before the issue was finally corrected. Anyone who would have gone to one of the websites in that window might have caused their ISP to cache the old, bad dns record.

So for the past day I have had to try to explain to customers why they see their site as down and their neighbor sees the site as up, etc etc. It's really hard to explain DNS to people who have no computer background at all, especially those who damand the exact explination of what really happened and then don't believe a word you say because it doesn't make any sense to them.

Just thought I'd release some stress :-x